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Dear Child Safety and Conservation Enthusiast:

Several years ago my search for a new business venture brought me to the Child Safety and Curb Inlet Protection Guards with its three patented applications. The more I investigated the more I realized this product is a “NO-BRAINER”. Cost efficiency for the end user, virtually 100% environmental and waterway protection, AND Child Safety all wrapped up into one product!

In their approval letter, the Commonwealth Of Virginia – Dept of Conservation and Recreation determined that our Guard has the potential to serve as a “pre-treatment device to keep debris out of the storm sewer systems . . .” End users, such as Gaithersburg MD at Bohrer Park, say our Guards “are preventing the trash and litter from entering the storm drains. It is much easier to remove the trash collected on the grates rather than removing it from the ponds.” And “since the Inlet Guards have been installed in the parking lots, essentially no trash has come in with the storm water. The Guards have provided a near 100% solution to a problem that once seemed to have no workable and economical answer.”

Another happy customer, a commercial real estate development company, significantly reduced their storm drain vacuuming and maintenance costs after installing our Guards in their shopping centers. The one-time cost of our Guards was a fraction of their historical recurring annual expense budget.

Children are a gift from God and are our most precious natural resource who need the best protection we can provide. They don’t think twice about climbing into a curb inlet/catch basin to retrieve remote control cars, balls, bats, skateboards, cell phones, pets/small animals, etc., potentially exposing themselves to injury or death from the colorless, odorless, and tasteless deadly toxic gases found in storm sewer drains. My own adult sons have shared stories about their adventures and “just hangin’ out” in the local storm drains during their teens. Children can be washed off their feet and into a storm sewer drain during a heavy rain event or a neighboring pool flushing, drowning before they can be rescued.

Our Sediment Control Guards eliminate the use of the hazardous MD #2 blue stone in the curb-line for sediment control. In 2009, a fight broke out after a football game at a reconstruction project of Northwest High School in Gaithersburg MD. The teens used the loose #2 blue stones as projectile weapons. The next day, the contractor purchased our Sediment Control Guards to provide child safety, replacing the hazardous and out-dated #2 blue stone method. Thank God there were no serious injuries to the children or the innocent bystanders.

And finally, our patented Petroleum/Chemical Guards have been installed on fueling stations and convenience store sites to absorb the hydro-carbons prior to the parking lot runoff washing into the stormwater ponds, polluting the pond and creating a sheen. One customer found her pond so clean, she stocked it with hybrid catfish!

I know you, too, will be very pleased with ALL the safety, environmental, and financial benefits of installing our Child Safety and Curb Inlet Protection Guards. Amy’s Contracting Services looks forward to hearing from you soon!

God bless,

Amy Rogers

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Amy’s Contracting Services, LLC is a Woman Owned Business Enterprise.

Our Storm Water Inlet Guards are custom made to achieve maximum water quality standards for trash, sediment, chemical, and TMDL control framework to which geo-textile filters and fabrics are attached.

Our Guards do not require Confined Space Certification, keep trash and pollution at street level for easy collection and monitoring. Inspection is at a glance.

Our Guards serve an important role in LID, ESD, and LEED site strategies.


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