Sediment / Erosion Control

The Sediment/Erosion Control Guard is used to eliminate the hazardous “stones in the street” and other ineffective methods to keep sediment out of curb inlets/catch basins during construction and excavation.

In addition, the #2 stone method is often mistaken for a construction entrance.  Loaded trucks and deliveries drive over the catch basin top, crushing it, making this sediment control method very expensive.

Our Child Safety and Curb Inlet Protection – Sediment Control Guards have been installed on school construction sites because children have used the #2 stones as projectiles during fights.

The Sediment/Erosion Control Guard is designed with Overflow Weirs, and is wrapped with Filter Fabric.

Our approvals include:

  • US Dept of Transportation – Federal Hwy Administration
  • US Dept of Agriculture – Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • Maryland Dept of the Environment – Water Mgmt Administration – 1998, 2010
  • Maryland State Highway Administration – MD ICC Kiewit Design Build
  • District of Columbia Dept of Health – Watershed Protection Division
  • Virginia Dept of Conservation and Recreation – Joseph G. Battiata, P.E., Stormwater Program Manager

“In addition to use as a sediment control device, we have determined that there is also potential for this product to serve as a pre-treatment device to keep debris out of the storm sewer systems and certain stormwater BMPs.  Use of such a pre-treatment device can reduce the costs of long term maintenance of drainage systems, as well as help to maintain the optimal pollutant removal capability of certain water quality BMPs.”

  • City of Richmond, VA
  • Frederick County, MD – Rick Masser, Environment Compliance Section

I am impressed with the innovative design, especially the elimination of the need to use MD No.2 stone in the curb-line, which is a major source of problems with current curb inlet protection devices. While I cannot endorse or recommend the use of any proprietary product, I would consider the use of your product an approved substitution for Detail 23C Curb lnlet Protection as found in the 1994 Standards and Specifications for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control, Section E-16.0.

  • Montgomery County, MD – Water Resources Section
  • City of Charlotte, NC
  • State of Hawaii, per Belt Collins, Engineers
  • Ft Detrick, Frederick, MD – US ARMY NET ZERO Pilot Program