Permanent Guard

“Once trash gets into the inlet, its too late!” says a senior engineer with DC Water, the largest US sewerage treatment plant.  Our Child Safety and Patented Curb Inlet Stormwater Guard is #1 in BMPs to help minimize the expensive pre-treatment of trash/sewerage separation process, as well as the health issues related to disposal of the hazardous contaminated trash inherent in antiquated Combined Sewer Systems, and to effectively address TMDLs

As stated by Virginia’s Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Storm Water Program Manager “In addition to use as a sediment control device, we have determined that there is also potential for this product to serve as a pre-treatment device to keep debris out of the storm sewer systems and certain stormwater BMPs.  Use of such a pre-treatment device can reduce the costs of long term maintenance of drainage systems, as well as help to maintain the optimal pollutant removal capability of certain water quality BMPs.”

Our Guards just work!

Why use our Guards?

  • As stated in a 1999 letter by John Small, a volunteer park observer at Bohrer Park, Gaithersburg MD, “Since the inlet guards have been installed in the parking lots, essentially no trash has come in with the storm water.  The guards have provided a near 100% solution to a problem that once seemed to have no workable or economical answer.” 
  •  J. Michael Ellis, in his October 1999 letter, states, “The planners for every municipality, every school district, every sports field or public facility should take a hard look at the injuries that will be prevented and the lives that will be saved if this type of threat is taken more seriously.”