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Letter From J. M. Ellis     “The planners for every municipality, every school district, every sports field or public facility should take a hard look at the injuries that will be prevented and the lives that will be saved if this type of threat is taken more seriously.”

Letter from J. Small     “Since the inlet guards have been installed in the parking lots, essentially no trash has come in with the storm water.  The guards have provided a near 100% solution to a problem that once seemed to have no workable or economical answer.”

Letter from Gaithersburg, MD    “Over the past few years we have received numerous complaints concerning trash and litter in the parking lots being washed into the back pond at the park.  The complaints have stopped since the installation of the Inlet Guard grates.  It is much easier to remove the trash collected on the grates rather than removing it from the pond.”

Letter from Cocoa Beach, FL     “Two years ago we installed 16 aluminum Inlet Guards in the downtown area of Cocoa Beach to prohibit sediment, foliage and debris from entering our storm sewer system and the Indian River Lagoon – a national estuary…..  We recommend these devices for maintained storm sewer inlets for protecting our nation’s sufrace waters.”