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Child Safety and patented Curb Inlet Stormwater Protection Guards

Protecting our children and the environment one curb inlet at a time!

 The Child Safety benefits combined with the Environmental benefits and cost effectiveness make the purchase and installation of our Guards that much more vital.  Simplicity at its best, our Child Safety and Curb Inlet Stormwater Protection Guards are easily maintained and inspection is at a glance.  They do not block sidewalks or the roadbed making them handicapped accessible.  Our Guards can be custom designed for any situation.

Our Guards help prevent children, trash, sediment, chemicals, pollution, pets, rodents/vermin, and hazardous/dangerous items from entering stormwater curb inlets, potentially saving many thousands of dollars every year in storm drain vacuuming and maintenance costs, while helping to keep stormwater ponds and our waterways clean. Our Guards help reduce the threat of drownings, and potential exposure to deadly gasses which may exist in storm drains.  Chasing balls, bats, toys, cell phones, pets, etc, into curb inlets is very tempting to children.

Our Guards do not require Confined Space Certification because they keep the trash, pollution and debris and street level for easy collection and monitoring.  Inspection is at a glance.

We are in use by:

  • the US Army for their Net Zero Program at Ft Detrick, Frederick, MD
  • the DC DOE at King Elementary School in Washington DC, SE
  • M-NCPPC in parks in both PG and Montgomery Counties, Maryland
  • many private commercial real estate
  • many HOA’s around the DC metro area for child safety
  • Construction companies for sediment control
  • Fueling stations/convenience stores, and transportation depots for petro/chemical control.


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