The Frederick News Post Article - July 10, 2006

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Frederick County, MD

Rick Masser, Frederick County, MD Permitting and Development Review Division, Environment Compliance Section

“I am impressed with the innovative design, especially the elimination of the need to use MD No.2 stone in the curb-line, which is a major source of problems with current curb inlet protection devices”.

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High School Riot

December 2009, Montgomery County Public Schools, Division of Construction, Rockville, MD

There was an incident a couple of years ago at a reconstruction project of Northwest High School.  After a football game, a fight broke out and the loose stones used for sediment control became projectile weapons.  Thank God there were no serious injuries to […]

Sheriff Raymond Kight

Montgomery County, MD – Sheriff Raymond Kight retired in December 2010 after 24 years of community service.  He ran, with quiet professionalism, the “silent service” of Montgomery County law enforcement.  The Sheriff’s Office primary obligation is to preserve the peace and maintain the public safety.   Sheriff Kight took the later to heart!  The neighborhood kids […]



Joseph G. Battiata, P.E.

Stormwater Program Manager

Dept of Conservation and Recreation

Commonwealth of Virginia


“In addition to use as a sediment control device, we have determined that there is also potential for this product to serve as a pre-treatment device to keep debris out of the storm sewer systems and certain stormwater […]


“Why use our Curb Inlet Guard?”  A curb inlet opening is a hazard that could become a liability.  In the attached letter by J. Michael Ellis, “The planners for every municipality, every school district, every sports field or public facility should take a hard look at the injuries that will be prevented and the lives […]