There are over 775 combined sewer systems (CSS) nationwide located in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Midwest portions of the country, many developed before 1900.  These antiquated systems convey sanitary sewerage AND stormwater in one piping system.   ln dry weather, the system delivers wastewater (sewerage) to wastewater treatment plants.  ln wet weather, rain water also enters the system, and, if the conveyance capacity of the system is exceeded, the excess flow spills into the local rivers and waterways carrying trash, debris and pollution with it.  This discharge is called Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO).   Trash, debris, and pollution that has been washed into the combined sewer system infrastructure must be separated out of the sewerage prior to treatment at the wastewater treatment plants.  This separation process is very expensive and creates public health issues related to disposal of the hazardous contaminated trash.

Installing Amy’s patented Child Safety and Curb Inlet Protection Guard as a pre-treatment device would help reduce municipal costs by many millions of dollars every year due to the immediate reduction of trash and pollution to the over-burdened separation processes prior to treating the sewerage at wastewater treatment plants.  In addition, storm drain overflows loaded with trash, debris, and pollution into the local rivers and waterways would see an immediate reduction.  Clogged storm drains would become a limited potential nationwide.  Public health issues could be minimized with the significant reduction in hazardous contaminated trash.

Child sucked into curb inlet

Gaithersburg, MD – When handing out our Child Safety and Patented Curb Inlet Stormwater Protection Guards brochure, the young mother of three started to cry.  Seems several years before, she and her then two children, one 5 and the other 3, were walking down the street.  She was holding the three year old’s hand when the child was knocked off her feet by the rushing water from a neighbor’s swimming pool flush.  The child’s body was pulled into the curb inlet, and was stopped from going all the way in by her head getting stuck in the opening.  It was quite a few scary minutes trying to pull her very frightened child from the curb inlet.

Parker Farms, Aspen Hill, MD

06/06/12 – Parker Farms Community, Red Eagle Court, Aspen Hill, Maryland

While installing our Guards today, a young child, her sister and Mother walked by on their way home.  The child stopped to say, “Thank you for putting them on.  Now I’ll be safe and my toys won’t fall in.”

Thank You for that wonderful endorsement!!

Amy Rogers


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The Frederick News Post Article - July 10, 2006

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High School Riot

December 2009, Montgomery County Public Schools, Division of Construction, Rockville, MD

There was an incident a couple of years ago at a reconstruction project of Northwest High School.  After a football game, a fight broke out and the loose stones used for sediment control became projectile weapons.  Thank God there were no serious injuries to the children or their parents.  The next day, the contractor purchased our patented Sediment Control Guard because it eliminates the need to use MD #2 stone in the curb-line.


June 13 Gazette Article

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